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Okay so I wasn't going to redo this because LJ is being stupid, but I changed my mind.

School: I can't believe I wanted to go back. I hate hw, I hate AP Lit with a passion even if west is cool as a person, she gave us a book to read and 4 essays for this weekend. BLEGH

Guard: so guard's back, spent about 45 hours in guard last week. family night friday, met derek, he's ubercool! we did two runs... first run was good for me bad for the guard, 2nd was good for the guard but bad for me because I dropped both my solos :( Saturday was premier night... they split our class into 3 classes after scoring because there are so many of us, so now there's B, AA, and A, the latter being the best. we are one of 4 guards that made it into A class, so thats good. and we tied for 3rd place, which is great considering the circumstances. about halfway through our show, the music cut out and we had to finish our show without it. it was insane, but we made it through and did well enough to be considered nationally competitive, so this season should be alright :P

the last major part of my life, cameron: he was supposed to come down this weekend but the bank screwed him over and by the time i got my dad to agree to let him come down, Cam said it was too short of notice to work. :( both of us went back to school this week, and i went back to guard, and he started work today (i didnt know that until just now though) so we havent been able to talk much lately. Yesterday morning he came online for a few minutes and then said he was going back to sleep. that was all i heard of him yesterday, i called him a couple of times before i went to sleep but i guess he was busy because he didnt answer or call back. i didnt talk to him all of today either. he didnt IM me at all or return any phone calls. jay came on this afternoon and we talked for a bit and then i asked him if cameron was okay. he said he was fine, he was out til 5:30am last night and still just bummed about his car (he messed up the front end) but he was okay. well at least i knew he was still alive. cameron came on a while ago. he got kinda upset that i "checked up on him" with jay. i guess i understand that, i mean he has a mom, he doesnt need his girlfriend checking up on him too. but i hope that he would be worried about me if we hadnt talked in almost two days, if i hadnt been online when i'm online almost every day, if i hadnt answered or returned any phone calls in two days... i though he might have gotten sick again or that something might have happened... i dunno. i need to stop being so overprotective of him. its just that its so hard never seeing him... to stop talking altogether kills...

only 4 months and 12 days of this left. yes, i'm counting the days.
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