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Well that hurricane was incredibly retarded and not worth my time or the cancellation of all of my birthday plans... That bitch. So I pushed everything back to this weekend. And then Ivan's all like "why aren't I invited?" so he decided to crash my party this weekend so we're probably pushing the plans back AGAIN. Retarded.

Anyway, I enjoyed my 6 day weekend. Actually, it completely sucked. >:( The only good part was that I got an extra day to do everything for Billings. I've decided that this was all her fault. She made Frances come. She must have, since she knew that we weren't going to have school Thursday, Friday, or today. And she gave us work for all of that, so we all had 50 pages of reading and summarizing to do for her this weekend. I HATE THAT CLASS.

Oh well. That's about it. Thanks to everyone that wished me Happy Birthday this weekend... I hope I get presents in school tomorrow :P Back to my sulking and stalking of Ivan. I swear I'm going to go nuts if he comes near here. I'll import some glaciers from Canada and drop them all around Florida so that when a hurricane gets near us, it immediately dissipates... Now how to get those glaciers down here....
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