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Hey again

Haven't posted much of anything in a long time, so I'm just dropping by to provide a little sketch of the last several months of life.

Crazy as ever, not getting any less crazy until January... I can't wait to be done with Billings, she's driving me nuts. And I'm liking stats less and less every day. Chem has been going okay except for Slush being a jerk with my last make up test. So yeah, that's school, it's crazy and I skip more often than I should :P

Marching Season is officially done. We placed 2nd in our class at States. Our guard was 3rd in our class behind two world guards from Northern Florida. So on to winterguard... Should be an interesting season with West Boca, Taravella and Braddock this year. I have a feeling the 4 of us are going to be at eachother's necks all season... I got really mad at Hayden a few days ago. He was splitting the weapons up into rifle and sabre. He put Heather, our best sabre by far, onto rifle. She begged him to, but still. And he put me on sabre. I HATE SABRE WITH A PASSION. It hates me too. I get hurt by sabre a whole lot. It's not too much fun really. And rifle is my thing, I love rifle and he took me off it *cries* So anyways, I've decided that if I'm going to be stuck on this God forsaken piece of metal for the whole season my senior year, I'm not going to let anyone even question who is the best sabre on the line. I'm going to completely kick @$$ on it this season. Hopefully I'll get some kind of solo or something this season. i've never had one before, it would be nice to get one my senior year... So yeah, I'm going to have my 6 relatively consistent by the end of winter break that way he can trust me for a solo in the show. Sorry to Meag, Alyssa, Lucy and Madison, but I'm determined to be the best.

Don't ask! I'm just as confused as everyone else is! Yes, Cameron and I got in a huge fight and I was really pissed off for a while as many of you know, but we worked things out. Yes, Cameron came to states and yes, I had an amazing time with him, Jay, and Brian. Yes, Cameron is staying in my house for 3 days for Thanksgiving this week. No, I have no idea what my dad is smoking that would allow me to have Cam stay here lol.

As crazy as everything else has been this year, I've still managed to have more of a life than I usually am able to. More parties this year, I was actually allowed out until 2 on Homecoming also. Just got back from a party actually. Having a car is really nice, I'm allowed to do more when my parents don't have to worry about who's going to pick me up at midnight :P Tonight was pretty good. I got to know Nicole a little better, which is nice since I barely know any of the new guard people still lol. Hung out with my freshman buddy Kevin from percussion, he's a pretty cool little kid. Talked with Chris and Mike about time warps lol they are such nerds. Watched Elle and Chris mack it on the chair in Meg's living room while I was *trying* to watch Bruce Almighty. Smelled someone smoking something either on the patio or upstairs (stupid), don't know which, don't really care. Listened to people talk about how they wanted to get drunk (stupid). Heard that someone walked in on two people doing it upstairs (stupid), I woulda kicked them outta my house SO fast. Drove a few feet with Kevin sitting on my hood before he jumped into a tree. Got really confused in Embassy Lakes and drove like I'm British... scary stuff right there. Passed a cop three seconds later *heart pounding* Wow so yeah, interesting night...
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