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Just got home from Daytona not too long ago. This weekend was great, I got to meet Sean and Wyman and Mike and Cam's ex-manager at A&F... Some of the people that he's always talking about that I'd never met before. They all seem really cool. We (my mom and I) drove up yesterday morning and got there at about 1... Cam met us at the hotel and helped us get our stuff into the room and then we went over to Chanute (his apartment) and met up with Jay, Bryan, and Josh. Finally got to see where the guys live and spend all of their time playing video games instead of studying hehe. Turns out Jay and I have LOADS in common, he had a TON of Chinese stuff on his half of the bedroom, a lot of the same stuff that I have in my room, not to mention Jay's into all the same books I like and etc... Anyways, my mom treated all of us to lunch at Johnny Rockets down by the beach, that was load of fun. Jay and Bryan got up and embarassed themselves doing the robot to "Stayin Alive," or Jay embarassed himself, Bryan just doesn't care hehe. We went back to Cam's apartment afterwards and watched Bryan and Jay play Halo2... "DEATH BECOME YE!" Then Cam and my mom and I went back to the hotel and chilled for a while so that we could get out of the house so Jay could get some studying done (he had finals today). Cam and I got into a 45 minutes long wrestling/tickle fight... I SO won... :P When we went back to the apartment, Jay had pulled a table from against the wall and set up the plates and bowls and glasses and lit some candles to put on the table. It was so cute (and so domestic, he's such a great housewife :P). The guys marinated and grilled some steaks, Jay sauteed mushrooms and made some baked potatoes, Cam did Mac & Cheese and some salads. It was a GREAT dinner, and the best part was that my mom and I didn't do a thing... The guys are awesome. After dinner we watched Matrix Reloaded, and then we had mini-Christmas with Cam and Jay. We gave the guys cookbooks and $50 Publix giftcard. My mom gave Cam a book of the worlds strangest aircraft. I gave him a calendar of jets, a caramel/milk chocolate godiva bar(which he loved :P) and a really awesome looking wolf statue kinda thing, since he's really into wolves (Jay got mad that I knew something about Cameron that he didnt lol). I got an awesome oriental red and silver candle holder for my room, since Cam's determined to decorate it for me :P He also gave me a $40 giftcard to Barnes & Noble... SO EXCITED! I was there last week and there are so many books that I want right now, so I'll have fun spending that :) Cam dropped us back off at the hotel that night at about 11:30... we had to leave so Jay could get some sleep so he'd be awake for finals.

We woke up pretty early today and got ready for our Campus Visit... Cam dropped by the hotel and we took my mom's Car into Riddle. Took the 10am tour (where we met Mike who introduced us to our tour guide). Pretty much the same as last time. I was supposed to take pics for Kyle, but I only took two the entire time, I'm pretty bad about that... Bryan was walking out of one of the buildings as we were walking up, wearing the same jeans he ALWAYS wears, the ones with the holes that get bigger every time he wears them. They are held together by duct tape (nectar of the gods evidently) and his boxers were showing through. The same boxers that were showing through the same holes in the same pants he was wearing yesterday, someone needs to hose that guys off or throw him in the pool or something, he needs a bath. :P Anyways he came up and locked arms with my mom while we were walking and succeeded in scaring some of the parents on the tour before leaving on his way to go chat with "The Devil" (financial aid). Tour finished, I talked to an admissions guy named Bj (talked to him on the online chat last week and he's trying to help me out some), then went to a financial aid presentation thingy, and then went to get lunch at a Chinese place in the student center. Cam knows the guy who works there (named Jack lol) and the guy gave us complimentary drinks and egg rolls and such, it's good to know people :P Finished lunch and went to the bookstore and I got a Riddle hoodie and a new binder, my old one's falling apart. Then we headed over to the mall and walked around for a while and went into the Chinese store that Cameron got me my present from, it was really cool. We went to a Wicks and Sticks and my mom got some stuff, and Cameron gots some Christmas tree smelling candles since Jay refuses to let a Christmas tree in the apartment, evidently he becomes Scrooge around the holiday time :P After that, we left... I hate saying goodbye, it's so hard, especially knowing that I might not see him again until the middle of February. But at least I got to see him again before he went home for winter break, I wasn't expecting to, and I had a great time. I love you sooo much Cameron!!!
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