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*Finds a gun*

Second time I'm writing this damn entry, power just went out....

Merry ****ing Christmas everyone. I hope that yours is infinitely better than mine. My mom and I have been fighting CONSTANTLY for the last three weeks over everything that there is to fight about. It just seems like she does stuff and says things just to piss me off. She doesn't know how to talk to me as a person, everytime she opens her mouth to talk to me, I feel as if shes talking down to me, as if shes trying her hardest to make sure that I feel like an insignificant speck of dirt who's only accomplishment in life has been dirtying her spotless tile floor. So we were fighting again yesterday of course and I was more pissed off then I've been in a while. My sister comes and tells me that I have to pick her up today from a friends house and take her to the mall so she can buy my mom a present. Well the fact that I was being told what to do by a 14 year old and the fact that I was already extremely pissed off at my mother combined quite nicely and I said something extremely stupid along the lines of "she doesnt deserve a present".... Well my sister being the inconsiderate jackass that she is, finds it appropriate to go and TELL my mother that I said this. So my dad comes in and wakes me up this morning telling me to get moving and do crap around the house and if my mom tells me to do something, just do it, because she's already crying that I said she doesn't deserve a present. I swear I was within 2 seconds of driving to Lauren's friend's house, dragging Lauren out by her hair and beating the living daylights out of her. I could not believe she would tell mom that, its just STUPID. Granted, me saying it in the first place was equally stupid, especially saying it to my sister who is known throughout the family for her huge mouth. GAH. So now my mom is avoiding me at all costs, so I can't even talk to her about anything and try to work it out so our Christmas isn't completely ruined. Too late.

PLEASE someone just find a gun and kill me now, I'd rather die than have to go through Christmas this year.....
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