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It's been a while...

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I'm lazy.... You're right. I've actually tried updating this a few times, but my internet conveniently freezes when I hit the submit button. So I'm here to give you the inside info on my life. Again.

Senior year is supposed to be easy. Blegh to that, I was stupid and made my life way more difficult than it needed to be. Too much work and the senioritis is getting to be both unbearable and inevitable. I'm slacking off so bad. I made it to National Merit Finalist standing, so yay to that.

Guard is crazy, more so this season than any other. "Internal conflicts" have been causing problems this year. Hayden is ALWAYS yelling at us, I hate it. People aren't trying hard enough. I'm not trying at all because an injury has put me on the bench for a while :( I screwed up my hip pretty badly, blegh. We are 2nd in South Florida in our class right now, to Taravella. They need to get bumped. I've been making tons of new friends in guard... I know half of the Flanagan World guard (especially Derek, I'm his prop buddy and I don't just know him, we're good friends now, yay!), I hung out with Pauleen and Katie from Olympic Heights at the Flanagan Competition... I know a few people from Braddock... Finally met up with Claudia from Medea/BAC, talking to Ruthie from Medea too... met Kat who was my favorite from NEI, now marching FIU... I'm getting to be a lot closer with Anthony, one of Jupiter's captains, yay! :D ... I know Julie, a captain from Douglas A, she's way cool... So many friends!

Cameron came down this past weekend! It was the first time I've seen him since mid-December, made me sooooo happy to see him again! Friday night when he came down, we went to Jerseys on Pines and hung out with a bunch of his VW friends... had some interesting conversations... went home and watched a movie. Saturday he had his car show and I had practice (that I didn't do anything at). He came to practice after the show to watch me not do anything. Then we came home and got cleaned up and went out on a date. It was our first date in the year that we've been going out! YAY! We went to Cold Stone for some ice cream and then went to the movies and saw Constantine... wasn't bad cept for the fact that the whole movie was a "don't smoke or you'll die" campaign, right up to the cheesy nicorette gum ending. But it was fun anyway, cuz I was finally on a date with Cameron. :D Sunday I dragged him to the Renaissance Fair, in costume... He didn't really want to go, but since I was going, he went and just complained about the costume and refused to take his sunglasses off no matter how much I begged. We are both determined to go back with Brian and Jay one time though, that'd be beyond hilarious. Afterward Cameron said he had fun, but he might have just been saying that to make me happy. We changed in the car and went to Friday's on the way home and FROZE it was so cold in there. Went home and watched a movie. Monday I went to go wake him up so he could get ready to leave and he flipped out and jumped like crazy... it was really funny but at the same time I felt really bad for scaring the living daylights outta him. Then we just cuddled for an hour :) before he had to leave :( I hate saying goodbye. I can't wait til I only have to say goodnight and not goodbye...

Anyways, thats my life at the moment... I'll prolly do another update on March 1st as an anniversary posting... One year for me and Cam so soon :D Laterz!
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