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YAY :)

So last weekend was extremely crazy, but awesome anyway...

Thursday after practice I was up until 1 trying to pack for the Tampa Regional... Then I had to get up at 5:30 the next morning to finish packing and get ready for school. I dragged all my stuff into the chorus hallway and guard rooms at about 7:15, which was the first time I've been at school early since I started driving :P Then I went through the boring tedium of school...

Practice started right after school, so we just counted fourth hour as part of practice... 1-5:30 or so. then we packed our stuff up and had a wonderful catered roasted chicken and mash potatoes and salad and rolls dinner courtesy of golden corral and Maggie's mom (whom we all love dearly now). Then we took showers and got dressed in our PJs to be comfy on the bus. Then we waited for the bus... and waited... and kept on waiting... We entertained ourselves by playing 3rd grade hand games ("where the bullfrogs jump from bank to bank") and telling random stories (the girls greatly enjoyed my band camp stories haha). Finally Marcazzo opened the Music Suite back up and we went inside to watch some videos of our guard back in the old days :P T-T and Mike went to Starbucks and we got coffee to warm us up and keep us awake... The bus finally got to school at 10pm... THREE HOURS LATE!!! Stupid bus broke down on the way to Cypress Bay (our bus buddies) so they had to send a new one and then go pick Cypess up and THEN us...

The trip to Tampa was interesting... I met a girl in Cypress who spells her name the same way I do (Catie) which was cool... But the bus was a PoS and the defroster was broken, so we had to pull over a bajillion times to make the windows to the point where the driver could see again. And to try to keep the windows from fogging up, he kept the AC on as cold as it could go the entire time. FREEZING. We didn't get to our hotel until almost 3:30AM... AHHHH... And then the hotel we were staying in was a COMPLETE DUMP. Not that any of us cared at that point. But two relatively large people in one double bed is pushing it, especially when I had my back brace on. So we finally got to sleep sometime after 4am...Only to wake up again at 7am. NO SLEEP... :( Breakfast and then we got ready for the competition. Left at 9 or so. Helped Cypress with their floor and props for their prelims performance and then started our warmups. Then we performed.

I had an AMAZING show :D We did reallllllly well and we made block!!! (That's the score they expect competitive teams to get at that point in the season.) We actually beat Taravella too, but they had a bad show so it didn't count... Still kinda cool though. So that was at 12:30pm, and our score let us make finals, so we had to perform again at 7pm. We hung out for a while, and then got a band parent from the HS we were at (Countryside HS) to let us have a dark hallway and we rested or slept... I couldn't sleep, too uncomfortable and noisy, but it was nice to just relax. Then we touched up on makeup and went back into warmups. Finals weren't as good as prelims... I think a lot of it was that two shows is REALLY hard to do on a good day, and we had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep so we were all physically and mentally and emotionally exhausted... But we still got an 81.2 :D Meaning we made block for finals also. We got 5th place in our class in finals, .9 behind Taravella, but they had a good run and we didn't, so it's all good. BEST NEWS EVER!!! OUR SCORE PUTS US IN 10TH PLACE IN THE NATION RIGHT NOW!!!! YAY!!!!

Awards ceremony didn't start until 11pm, so we got out of there at almost midnight. Then I got signed out by my parents and the family drove over to Orlando to stay in the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World. We got there at about 2:30am *yawn* and checked in. We got to our room to discover that there was one double-size bed in the room... and 4 of us, with back problems... was NOT going to work, so we called the manager to complain and got switched around so many times it was crazy. We finally got to stay in the 5th room we were put in, which was annoying, but the room was awesome. Two bedroom, two bath suite with a full kitchen and jacuzzi tub. But it was already 3:30am, so we just crashed. Woke up at 9:30am the next day (TOO EARLY) and checked out at 10:30... only 7 hours in such a nice room :(

We went to breakfast and then my parents and sister went to Magic Kingdom. I didn't feel like going, and much to my surprise, my parents let me stay in the hotel and wait for Cameron to drive over from Daytona. He got to the hotel and didn't see me cuz he was looking around at everything, not that I can blame him, it's a cool place :P So then big happy reunion and we exchanged gifts for our anniversary which was on March 1st :) I gave him a toy chopper (joke), a Zildjian t-shirt that he wanted, and a pretty glass colck with a heart pendulum and and egraving that said "Catie & Cameron (next line) March 1st, 2005" He really liked all of it so yay :) And ya know what he gave me? A necklace, and it's soooooooo pretty! It's white gold (my favorite) chain and heart with 10 little diamonds in it. So beautiful! I love it!

We hung out in the hotel for a bit and then drove over to Downtown Disney. It was fun, we walked around and into all the stores and I showed him how to get free chocolate at Ghiradelli :D Then we went to the Rainforest Cafe and had a nice (but kinda expensive :/ ) lunch, but I got 10% off for being an annual passholder, so yay for that :P Then we walked around a little bit more and bought tickets to go see Cursed at the movies there, and then I called my mom and she said no movies cuz they were leaving soon, so we returned the tickets (oops on my part there). Then we went back to the hotel and walked around a bit and I listened to Cameron tell me about he was the kind of kid that would have climbed up the waterfalls to try to slide down the stream into the pool :P We ended up on the "beach" behind the hotel and chilled out there for a while til my parents got back to the hotel and eat. Then we said our goodbyes and drove home, uneventfully.

Wow, it was a really long crazy weekend, but fun and rewarding, so it was completely worth getting less than 12 hours of sleep in 3 nights :P
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