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Wow, it certainly has been a while... I've actually tried to post several times before this, but my computer always goes retarded when I try to post, so I usually just say forget it. I should actually be studying right now... or writing an essay for West *shivers* but I'm procrastinating instead... It's what I'm best at :P

So anyway, my life has been relatively crazy...

Guard season ended awesomely in Ohio in the beginning of April. 18th in the nation, pretty hott :)

It's been decided that I will not be going to Embry-Riddle in the fall, because they are cheap and do not offer full rides. Meanwhile, UCF has offered not only a full ride, but they've thrown in a free laptop, guarenteed 20 hour a week research job, guarenteed internships my junior and senior year, and about $550 a month living expenses... So yeah, I'll be in Orlando at UCF in the fall.

School has been driving me up a wall. AP tests are this week and next week, thus the reason I SHOULD be studying right now. I actually had to wake up before 8 this morning (boo to Saturday sleep deprivation) to go to Schultz's room for breakfast/AP Calculus review. Breakfast was good. Math was alright, I don't mind calculus too much. Schultz is a cool guy so it's all good. Skipped the Founder's Day Parade that I was supposed to be marching in so I could review. They did fine without me I'm sure :P

Grad Bash was last Friday.. the 22nd/23rd... BEST NIGHT EVER... Here are the basics:

Hanging out with old friends
3 Hours of Clubbing
Roller Coasters in the Dark
Their Bass Player flirting with me the whole concert

If you want all crazy details, go read about it in my blog on myspace (www.myspace.com/wahine987)

My dad is out in Nevada right now... Granddad was supposed to have surgery yesterday to get a Lung Cancer Tumor removed... Turns out they pushed it back til the end of May. Evidently the surgeon wasn't informed of what medications he was on... luckily they found out before they started the operation... he was on blood thinner so it would NOT have been good :( I'm just glad they found out in time... *sigh* So everyone wish him luck and keep him in your prayers if you pray... thanks!

Things with Cameron have been... interesting. We broke up a while back. Things were really akward for a while. But it's all good now. He's coming down for prom next week, its gonna be sooooooo much fun :D My dad is actually letting me stay in the hotel room with him... that totally surprised me.

Last night Cameron asked what I was doing and I said nothing and he asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. I said "Sure, you going to come down here and take me out?"... And he said yes :D Him and Josh decided it was a good night to fly, so they got in a plane and flew down to North Perry Airport last night. I went and picked them up and we hit T.G.I. Friday's for dinner (an appropriate resturaunt lol). Dinner was yummy. I had chicken tenders and split a bowl of French Onion soup with Cam. Evidently I got him completely hooked on it when I took him to Bennigans last time he was down :P Go me! After dinner I took the guys back to the house and we watched The Forgotten, one of the movies my mom had picked up from Blockbuster for us to choose from. I'd already seen it, but they hadn't. It kinda freaked them out :P Especially Josh hehehe. After the movie I took them back to the airport and so ended our hangout night... It was so completely random, which made it even more awesome :) So much fun! Definitely need to do that again sometime... I love my Riddle guys!! <3 <3 <3

Well anyways, back to writing my AP Lit essay/relearning AP Stats... fun...

Love you all!
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