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Go Procrastination! WOO!

Yeah I just finished the first of about 4 pages of a research paper due Wednesday for AP Lit... it was due Tuesday, but we harassed her until she pushed it back a day. Again. Hahaha, yes, go coercement!

Today wasn't a horrible day :P First hour was, well, early. But not bad. More reviewing. AP TEST TOMORROW AHHH. Actually I'm not worried about Calc, its the only one I know I'm going to pass for sure :P I got my final exam grade back in that class today. Perfect paper! YES! I think everyone hates me now. 105 out of 105, I was so excited! I think thats the main reason I feel so comfortable about this AP exam....

Drama was anything but dramatic... nothing ever happens in that class. BORING *falls asleep* We kinda read a script today, I kinda paid attention, and it kinda sucked :P Oh well, whatever. I'm telling her that I'm not paying attention tomorrow so I can study for my AP Stats exam. *stresses* I remember nothing from that class except how to read graphs haha. Oh well, I need to retake it in college anyway. I plan on being in school forever, whats one more class gonna do?

Gah okay, back to work, really need to get this wrapped up... I'll update more later...
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