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Wow... I can't believe it. I officially move out of my house today. To Orlando. To college. To a life without the restrictions of living under the roof of my parents.

It's surreal. I can't say that I'm going to miss this much. I'll miss the people, especially the guard. I will even miss my family once I'm not around them as much. I won't miss the place. It's boring here. I won't miss the "good times"... I'll have more in college than I EVER had here without a doubt. In fact this summer was pretty disappointing. I talk to everyone else and they all had completely awesome summers, and are all so upset that it's already over. Nothing all that great happened. Didn't go to any AMAZING parties... Either wasn't allowed or wasn't invited. Didn't go out of the country or even the state... Went to Orlando for DCI with Heather which was cool but that was it in the vacation department. I'll miss dance classes, both the dancing and the people I took the classes with. But really, that's it...

I met up with some friends the other day from high school. They asked how my summer had been. I said boring, they said "Oh that sucks. You should have come out with us more often." Then they proceeded to whisper about plans they were making for that night. I was not invited. I need new friends... But hey, that's what college is for, right?

I have so much to look forward that this is the first time I've ever really looked back on this summer and what it's been like. I'm moving in with an amazing roommate and we are going to run UCF this year. We have loads in common and we have the same priorities with school and partying so it will work out great. And we are two "relatively attractive girls," right Jess? xoxox

Guard camp starts tomorrow (Thursday the 11th). I miss spinning, even if it's only going to be basic flag work, at least I will be performing again, and this time in front of 20,000 people every week. It's exciting =D Then Winterguard tryouts are the 27th and 28th of August... WISH ME LUCK!!! I will be the happiest person alive if I get the opportunity to march with The Knights World Class Winterguard... So nervous but so excited.

I turn 18 on September 2nd.... FINALLY... Then I'm all about clubbing...So definitely hit me up if you want to do that. I might even do the lottery thing once in a while. The state can keep their 18 & over cigarettes.

The last day in September will be the beginning of the best 5 days EVER. Flying out to California to visit Kyle for his 18th birthday which is October 4th... Flying home on his birthday after what is sure to be an incredible weekend. That's probably what I'm looking forward to most about my first semester in college =)

A few days after I get home from Cali, Elliot is coming down from Virginia to visit the campus. Kinda. We're gonna hang out and be total nerds for a few days... What do you expect from two of the youngest members of www.xprizenews.org???

The last day of October... Halloween. Usually my favorite holiday of the year, although this year that award goes to Kyle's birthday hehe. Anyways, Halloween = vampire time for me.. Always fun. It also marks the beginning of KNIGHTMARE.... UCF's homecoming week for 2005. Can you say "CRAZY Halloween Parties"?!?! Definitely looking forward to Homecoming this year a LOT. Gonna be sooo much fun.

November doesn't have too much exciting stuff going on yet... Goin home for Turkey Day... Allowed to bring some people home with me which will be fun.

December 10th is my last day of exams and then the 11th I move back home for a month. I'd like to go to Israel this winter but it will depend on how finances are looking for colorguard, we will see. Other that... Christmas, Hannukah, and all the good stuff that comes with them before a new year and a new semester begin...

Add in some crazy classes and loads of fun and partying and that's going to be my Fall semester for freshman year in a nutshell :)


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